GPS Training Packages

Training Package includes:

1 Day Workshop 9am-5:30pm
+ 4 Skills Training Event Passes
Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm


Individual  | $345 Ea.
Teams 10+ | $295 Ea.

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Develop your confidence connecting with people.  This package includes a 1-Day Experiential Workshop and 4 weekly practice nights. By acquiring and practicing the exercises learned at the 1-day event, participants can become more confident connecting, communicating and effectively listening to others.

Everyone can benefit from improving their relationships at home and in the office. By attending this workshop you can immediately start elevating your weak and/or strong relationships to the next level.  Our events are open to individuals, professional teams, athletic teams and families with kids over the age of 13.

Fundamentally, the training is focused on being “in the zone”, enhancing focus and reducing the distracted habits that prevent you from effectively connecting with others. Tap into the unlimited benefits of improving the way you interact with every single person you already know or will meet in the future. 

Seating is limited, so take action and register today.

Choose to BE A CHAMPION.

Give yourself and your loved ones the powerful gift of deeper, more meaningful connections. 

Believe Us, You’re Worth It!

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Workshop Date

January 20, Fort Lauderdale, February 17, Fort Lauderdale, March 23, Fort Lauderdale


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